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Richard Paddon

Richard Paddon

Interest in magic began at age 9 with the usual box of tricks.

Holds degrees in education. Science teacher for 20 years. Has assisted teachers and thousands of students to apply simple, but effective techniques of memory and visualisation to their studies. Performed in over 30 live stage productions, and received numerous awards for both comedic and dramatic acting. In 1980, correctly predicted the headlines of two major newspapers, and successfully performed an underwater escape. Specialised in close-up, cards, mentalism and memory.

Performed close-up magic for 22 years at the same restaurant. Lectured in Australia and USA Original effects published in Apocalypse (Signed Mystery Card to Pocket - Issue 2, Vol.20 1997), The Minotaur and PEA's Vibrations.

Effects released: The Obsidian Prophecy Box, Absolute Memory Act, Digital Video Deck, Colaura, PsyLock, The Knight's Tour: Unlocked, Hollywood Princess, Book of Pi, Star Thot. Card sets for Rhinesense/Probe: PetSense, CinemaSense, TreeSense

Lecture notes published: Restaurant Magic; Some Unusual Chemical Demonstrations.

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