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Riding the Rainbow
by TC Tahoe

#3 Patter, Plots & Scripts author

(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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Riding the Rainbow by TC Tahoe

An ebook of color based readings.

"I love this book! It has many different styles of color readings. There are many variations here to fit everyone's venue. TC has done his homework on this one, he gets into details on color like no other book. This book is a gem, I love it. Riding The Rainbow contains material that will remain in your arsenal for the rest of your life." - Neal Scrye

"Like a kid in a candy store" is how I felt when I read TC Tahoe's "Riding the Rainbow." It is a delightful book on the subject of readings using color, but it goes much further than that. Going well beyond where other authors of this type of material go, TC builds from basic knowledge and expands adding additional elements that can be used, or not. He provides simple and practical frameworks for readings, performance venues, and much more. All are practical, customizable, and have been put into practice. Filled with anecdotes from a lifetime of experience in using and adapting this material in real world venues; we see the evolution, practicality, and adaptability of what TC presents. So whether it is a "Blue Monday", or you're in a "Purple Haze", pick up this book and give it a read; in no time you'll be looking at the world with "Rose Colored Glasses" and living in "Strawberry Fields". For those looking for additional ways to expand their business, "The Color of Money" isn't just green; it is a "Rainbow." They say that at end of a rainbow is a pot of gold; I say that this "rainbow" is pure gold. - Tony Iacoviello

"For anyone seeking to learn to do more effective, 'In-the-moment' readings, this is the book you want to study. TC has taken the premis first shared with us by Richard Webster and Ron Martin, that I expand on in Easy Readings, and has now taken it light years forward. This is a must have study guide for every single student of mentalism, but most especially those that plan to make reading work a key part of their repertoire" - P. Craig Browning

"Riding the Rainbow"is a terrific assembly and array of color-based reading techniques; strategies that will serve you spectacularly and readily expand your "reading" toolkit. With TC Tahoe's "Riding the Rainbow," you are literally handed the keys to a colorful kingdom of objects, and a variety of rich ways to interpret what you (or others) see. Suffice it to say that, with this project, your dreams of providing a strong and effective reading "really do come true!" I wholeheartedly recommend this to you!" - Scott Grossberg

1st edition 1990, 1st digital edition 2012, 159 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. Introduction
  3. The Color Meanings
  4. Pick A Color, Any Color
  5. Objects Of Color
  6. - Willy Wonka
  7. - The Tiki Tiki
  8. - House
  9. - Animal Farm
  10. - Twister
  11. - Plastic Bracelets
  12. - Coloring Book / Crayons
  13. - Condoms
  14. - Paper Clips
  15. - Candles
  16. - Magick Candle Color Meanings
  17. - Simple Candle Meditation
  18. - Implements Of Writing & Post-It Notes
  19. - Color-­‐Graphology & Doodles
  20. - Pendulums
  21. - Dice
  22. - Gems
  23. - Interlude
  24. Grandma Jenny’s Gemstone Reading
  25. Color Toss & Grab Bag
  26. Invisible Rainbow
  27. More Ideas
  28. - Masks
  29. - Building Blocks
  30. - Legos
  31. - Colored Envelopes
  32. - Balloons
  33. - Games People Play
  34. - Stuffed Animals
  35. - Dradel / Spinning Top
  36. - Color Tablet Of Fate
  37. The Casual Color Reading
  38. Other Colors
  39. Aura Reading
  40. Basic Numerology
  41. But I Hate Math & Have No Interest In Learning Numerology!
  42. Color Breathing
  43. Dream Color
  44. Rune Casting
  45. - One Rune Reading
  46. Fun Color Facts
  47. In Closing
  48. Recommended Reading

word count: 18011 which is equivalent to 72 standard pages of text