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Out In The Cold
by TC Tahoe

#2 Patter, Plots & Scripts author

(3 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Out In The Cold by TC Tahoe

Out in the Cold is the cold reading technique TC Tahoe uses, especially when he is stuck or needs to re-direct a reading. Just a few of these lines in the back of your mind and you will never be left out in the cold again.

"This book is for all psychic readers, from beginners to professionals. Every reader experiences “blanks” at times, especially when working in a busy environment with a long line of people waiting their turn for a reading. The information in this book enables you to continue talking, no matter how drained or exhausted you may be. You’ll also discover Out in the Cold is full of valuable information you’ll include in every reading you do." - Richard Webster

"…a very good collection of information that will help the readers out there." - Gregory Arce

"I do wish more people learned of these sorts of types and tests so they could better understand people they deal with, be it in readings or in performance. Thanks for sharing it all with me!" - Kenton Knepper

1st edition 2011; 101 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword by Richard Webster
  2. Introduction
  3. Important Message

    16 Types

  4. The Inspector
  5. The Mechanic
  6. The Nurturer
  7. The Artist
  8. The Protector
  9. The Idealist
  10. The Scientist
  11. The Thinker
  12. The Doer
  13. The Guardian
  14. The Performer
  15. The Caregiver
  16. The Inspirer
  17. The Giver
  18. The Visionary
  19. The Executive
  20. Cartomancy
  21. In Closing

word count: 23248 which is equivalent to 92 standard pages of text