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Rings of Troth: F.U.N. Rings Series
by Ken Muller

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Rings of Troth: F.U.N. Rings Series by Ken Muller

A novel blending of Linking Rings and Ring on Rope Magic during a demonstration of ancient marriage rites. This is not just a series of intriguing illusions, but an immersion to ancient betrothal rituals where magic and myth were alive and natural.

Three Routines:

  • Troth Ritual
  • Troth Ceremony Suggestions
  • Pledge Bond Suggestions

Moves, sleights and stratagems adapted from the Primal Rings eBook. This is designed for an engagement party with lost of audience involvement with special attention for the special couple. Effects occur in their hands and because of their betrothal commitments. It is story based, but requires no extensive memorization - just familiarity with a number of phrase-lines to be strung together and needed. Reference to specific wedding ceremony can be added, and the ancient marriage rites mentioned are acceptable to everyone.

The extra routines are for an after-wedding presentation and general audience. This uses a standard 4-ring set, a cord and stole/sash.

Performance suggestion: A Memory of Tomorrow

Description: There were a dozen of us gathered in the lounge waiting for the free cocktail hour to begin before the company holiday banquet. The conversation drifted to the number of divorces amongst employees that year. Janice mentioned that in ancient times divorce never happened in some cultures. This was met with skepticism and laughter. An older gentleman told us stories of several ancient cultures like the city of Ur with a process of prenuptial testing to insure the forever expectation. He offered to demonstrate one such ritual from the Scythian culture as described by Herodotus in 418 BC. He pulled out a packet that unwrapped into a bunch of metal rings, a colorful ribbon and a braided leather rope. Lisa and Paul got to play the role of the betrothed couple and me the honor of being the MayYor or referee. The details of this ancient testing ritual unfolded with many strange things occurring. I tested the chain of four rings for strength but he pulled out the one that Lisa selected to leave only three dangling there. Then another was plucked out for Paul. The two rings were bound up with the ribbon and given to me to protect. The other rings were impossibly separated and one saved for me and the other tucked away for the couple after they were married. He then used my ring and the rope to illustrate what the Troth commitment meant and the weak and flexible cord loop became magically linked with the rigid steel ring. Then Lisa and Paul got to hold the ends of this rope and the two special rings tied onto the center for me to hold. This guy backed off and asked me to drop the rings I was holding and be prepared to catch them if I did not trust the couple's pledge to eternal trust and fidelity. I felt the magic of the other events wash over me and I let go! Yup - the rings were now actually on the solid rope with Lisa and Paul laughing as they held the ends wrapped around their fists. Then I was supposed to slide each ring to its new owner on each side. What? Those single rings I had held safe were now linked together. Everyone was silent and the storyteller quite taken back. He offered that the good will of the group had added their energy to the game. I am not sure at all, but know that I have never seen such impossible things happen before or since.

Maybe magic was more common centuries ago. Perhaps marriage makes its own magic.

I have used the final "Double Bond" sequence dozens of times in the last 50 years, and the other effects are proven effects from other eBooks adapted for this script flow.

1st edition 2022, PDF 65 pages.
word count: 29806 which is equivalent to 119 standard pages of text

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