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Primal Linking Rings
by Ken Muller

#1 Balls, Eggs, Dice & Cups author
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Primal Linking Rings by Ken Muller

A revolutionary approach to presenting Linking Rings.

This is the master guide for the F.U.N. Rings Series of ebooks and contains the history, logic, and credits for the many new moves, sleights and stratagems related to Reverse Rings, Ends Myth, OPS Magic and Web Rings Subtlety.

The essential sleight sequences for each module are explained with sequential photos, while the individual theme ebooks may contain additional verbal scripts and audience engagement tips.

Legacy Rings, 4X4 Rings, Rings of Troth, Vulcan Rings, Web Ring Subtlety, ILYMagic and OPS Magic, plus Cross Lock, NIDO Rings, Ring Bind, Ring Proof and others to be developed.

All use a standard 4-ring set except Legacy with an extra single and Vulcan Rings an 8-ring/2-sets. Yes, you can use Melero, Linking Hearts, Messado, Ninja, etc rings sets.

The free ebook Reverse Rings Mystique provides a description of each ebook to be released in 2022.

Find herein the original "Ends and Meaning Routine" that launched the series. It is a long set routine great for a known audience with focused time and interest - usually parlor. The routines and performance modules of the focused ebooks are designed for unknown audiences with a prelude, overture or scaffold mode, more suited to walk-around or table-hopping.

This ebook will be valuable for those wishing to create their own routines using these innovations. Buying the individual ebooks will cost $90.00 or more and you will have to wait for some.

All proceeds go to the woodHenge Foundation/Wildlife Refuge.

1st edition 2022, PDF 158 pages.
word count: 70774 which is equivalent to 283 standard pages of text