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USA: - 24th May 1959)

Pen name of J. Russell Duck. Police officer. Amateur cardman. Invented the Stay-Stack = Reflected Stack in 1957.

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The Cardiste by Rusduck

"Dedicated to the Art of Cardistry" was the subtitle of this legendary cards only magazine from the late 50s. It is one of the most influential card magazines ever produced, with effects by Rusduck, Elmsley, Charles Hudson, Bill Miesel, Marlo, Kosky, Milt Kort, Ron Edwards, Max Katz, Tom Ransom, etc.

1st edition 1958-1959; 156 pages.

  1. To a Memory
    • Strictly Straight
    • Rusduck Bridge
    • Forever Royal - And Yet Again
    • Rusduck "Stay-Stack" System
  2. Zensational
    • Hocus Poker
    • Nudeck Speller
    • "Sneaky Pete" Repeat
    • An Oddity
    • S-T-R-A-I-G-H-T
    • Faro Favorites
    • Anyone for Bridge?
  3. Rusduck Four-Way Deal
    • The...
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