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Milton Kort

Milton Kort

(Detroit, Michigan: 13th October 1917 - 1st August 2003)

Inspired in 1928 seeing vaudeville magician. Learned from Hoffmann's Modern Magic and Harold Sterling in whose magic shop he soon demmoed. Pharmacist in Detroit until retired in 1988. Semi-pro close-up magician. Invented O-korto Coin Box in 1950. Although named as last editor of Hugard's Magic Monthly in 1965, publication ceased before Kort could issue any copies.

Wrote Kort is Now in Session (1962, 64pp), Off Color Card Tricks (1970, 55pp), and contributed many tricks to Bobo's Modern Coin Magic. See Stephen Minch, The Magic of Milt Kort (1999, 376pp). Articles in Genii, Pallbearers Review, Swami, Mantra, Precurser, New Pentagram, Psycho-Gizmo, Abra, Gen, Modern Magi, New Phoenix, Epilogue, Cardiste, Kabbala, Ibidem, Epoptica, and Magic and Spells Quarterly.

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Milton Kort
Kort Is Now In Session by Milton Kort

One of America's finest close-up men has written a fine book on his work. Illustrated with excellent line drawings by Steranko. Makes all the tricks clear and easy to follow. Additionally there are a couple of photos of Milt demonstrating certain moves.

You will enjoy:

  • Kortially Yours (card revealment)
  • Homing Pigeon (a boomerang card)
  • You Got Nothin' Poker Deal
  • Cup Hola (paper cup and coin routine)
  • Sheer Brute Strength (bending a penny by magic)
  • Half From One (bill routine)
  • Miser's Dream in Reverse
  • Kort Coin Star
  • Gone Again Coin Routine
  • Miniature Cups and Balls
  • Chromo Cups and...
★★★★★ $9.95
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