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Russ Walsh

Russ Walsh

(Cleveland, Ohio: 14th May 1894 - 1971)

Of Irish parentage. Manufacturer in Chicago. Semi-pro magician. Invented Walsh Cane (around 1915-29), The Magic Fountain Pen (a loading device, by 1924), Cane to Silk (by 1936), Appearing Cane (1947), and a Vanishing Wand using his cane principle (1960). SAM President 1934-35. IBM President 1949-50. See F.B. Martineau, Walsh Cane Routines (1945, 33pp).

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Russ Walsh
Acrobatic, Floating, Breakaway Golf Club by Russ Walsh

Important: These are not directions for making this yourself. These are the directions that came with this trick when sold by magic dealers. This PDF is designed for collectors who may have the props, but no directions, magic historians, and those simply curious as to how this trick was done. This trick sometimes shows up on eBay with no instructions.

Effect: Golf club swings, floats, reverses, and apparently gets away from the performer. Then when broken into three sections, it automatically restores itself to its original shape. It may also be produced from a silk or other cover. Full instructions...

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