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Self-Discovery The Jungian Way
by Michael Daniels

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Self-Discovery The Jungian Way by Michael Daniels

Clearly and entertainingly written, Self-discovery the Jungian Way presents an exciting new technique of self-analysis. Based on the theories of the great psychologist C.G. Jung, the 'Watchword' technique will enable you to identify your psychological type and to explore the structure and dynamics of your personality. As you learn to recognize the various forces and tendencies within the psyche, you will acquire greater understanding of your inner self and your personal relationships.

This practical method of self-exploration guides you systematically along the difficult path towards the ultimate goal of self-realization or individuation. It uses a structured form of word association which you assess and interpret yourself, following simple guidelines that require no numerical scoring.

Easy to understand and fun to use, the ebook makes an intriguing and useful introductory guide to Jungian analytical psychology. It will appeal to a wide range of readers, including professional psychologists and students of psychology, counsellors and psychotherapists, as well as anyone interested in self-exploration and personal growth.

Originally published in 1992 by Routledge and out of print for several years, this revised ebook is a complete reissue of the original edition, with corrections, updates and additional sections on levels of word association and on the relationship between Watchword type and MBTITM type.

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"An intriguing and new method of self-analysis." (The Bookseller)

"An exciting new technique of self-analysis." (Human Potential)

"It promises to fertilise you with the seeds for personal growth and lead you through the dusty corridors towards your inner psyche." (Daily Express)

"The attraction of this technique is that the reader produces a word structure that is personally, indeed uniquely, meaningful, unselfconsciously created and uncensored." (Self and Society)

"The matrix ... can bring to light complexes of significant imagery and ideas." (Exceptional Human Experience)

Revised edition 2014, 177 pages.
word count: 48506 which is equivalent to 194 standard pages of text

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