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Semi-Automatic Card Miracles
by Maximiliano Yedid


(1 review, 3 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Semi-Automatic Card Miracles by Maximiliano Yedid

Here is a small collection of automatic and semi-automatic out-of-hand card effects, empowered by the "chaos" philosophy brought forward by Lennart Green and Dani DaOrtiz.

The effects are easy to do and they don't require you to be another "David Wiliamson" or "Dani DaOrtiz" in order to perform them. Just a regular, normal magician. More important than the routines you will see and learn how the chaos handling is applied to this type of effects - you will be able to apply those ideas later in many of your effects to make them more fooling and fun.

The effects included are:

Mr. Green Goes Red: A spectator shuffles a deck of cards (which can be borrowed) and makes all the choices, and yet the prediction always matches. You never touch the deck during the trick.

I Dream of the Only Card: The magician shows that a thought of card is the only card printed in the deck - all the others are blank. The deck can be completely examined and given away as a souvenir. The magician never touches the cards until the end (to reveal the card).

Automatic ACAAN / Impromptu Rick Lax's "The End": An ACAAN effect with a borrowed, shuffled deck, where the magician never touches the deck - from the beginning to the end. How many ACAANs qualify in this aspect? The downside? It may not work in some occasions, and in that case, you finish by performing R. Lax's "The End" - a trick sold individually as a download and using a special deck. Here you will perform it with a completely borrowed, shuffled deck, never touching the cards.

C. Prediction x 4: Spectators shuffle their packets, select a card, and they match the prediction. Includes special handling for a prediction that you may use in other effects.

Real Bermuda: A spectator shuffles a deck of cards, takes 3 cards, and they match the prediction. The magician never touches the deck.

Three Canastas: A 3 card divination from a deck the spectator shuffles.

Besides the effects (and included with them), you will learn:

  • a strategy to reveal a prediction with dramatic effect (instead of writing the word "prediction" in the envelope... yuck)
  • chaos handlings to make mathematical effects or procedure effects seem much more chaotic and fun
  • a very easy idea to force any suit (and can be also used for other mentalism applications)
  • a strategy to have a spectator apparently "shuffle" a deck of cards many times, and yet have it remained stacked

NOTE: although the effects are automatic or semi-automatic and any beginner could perform them, the ebook is written assuming you know a little about magic (for example, you know what a "Magician's Choice" is). If you need extra assistance please don't hesitate to contact the author. Thanks.

1st edition 2022, PDF 34 pages.
word count: 11766 which is equivalent to 47 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Howard Port (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Thursday 03 November, 2022

I got a lot out of this book. I have been reading lately in several places (Mike Close, Dani DaOrtiz) about introducing more "chaos" into your magical procedures. Maximiliano describes 5 effects (one with a variation) all of which demonstrate how to use "chaos". One of the effects, My Green Goes Red, takes a commonly used procedure and improves it immensely by introducing some "chaotic" elements. Maximiliano explains all clearly and even includes a few words about audience management. I also appreciated his words about how to milk more out the climax of each effect. Crediting is adequate though not as extensive as it could be. (I will be looking at some of his references.) The effects have few if any slights (nothing more difficult than a HaLo cut) and any suspicious handling is always done on the offbeat. Highly recommended.