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Senor Mardo

Senor Mardo

(Cuba: 1895 - March 1976)

Stage name of Medardo Lozano. Married Roselynn Castelberg-Nelson. Had two daughters, Marlana Lozano born in 1946, and Roselynn Lozano-Richardson in 1948. Moved to Florida (Jacksonville) by early 1950s. Pro. Pet effect: Cups-and-Balls. Wrote Routined Magic (1945, 29pp), The Hands Only (1947), Applause (1947, 32pp), Magic for Bartenders (1950, 26pp), White Sorcery (1951, 28pp), The Cups and Balls (1955, 34pp; 2nd ed 1983)), The Act (1967, 36pp), etc. Edited Junior Magic 1954 (7 issues).

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Senor Mardo

Routined Magic by Senor MardoTwo classics of magic: the Cups and Balls and the Egg Bag, are beautifully routined and patiently explained in text and illustrations, as only Senor Mardo can. Experts in magic agree that Mardo's "new thinking" in these routines make them a knockout addition to most any performer's act.

You get over a dozen effects and moves with coins, silks, thimbles, balls, cigarettes and a complete explanation of Mardo's improved gimmick for the Chinese Rice Bowls that will make you want to add it to your show. This is baffling, thrilling, entertaining magic with headline appeal.

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2019 / 3 / 16

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Senor Mardo

White Sorcery by Senor Mardo

Acclaimed by experts, Senor Mardo reveals 19 choice close-up and platform magic miracles in this "lost classic."

It's not black magic, it's . . . White Sorcery! Mardo's wizardry with new effects and novel takes on existing magic makes this a worthy addition to any performer's library of legerdemain.

Here's a partial list of contents:

  • A Coin Routine
  • A New Rope Cut Technique
  • Another Rope Cut Technique
  • The Vanishing Light
  • Booming the Aces
  • Rose
  • The Nudist End
  • Television Technique
  • The Ball and Vase
  • Matching the Colors
  • Dye Tube Routine
  • The Adams Block
  • The Yarn
  • Three Out Of One...
2019 / 3 / 1

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