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Sequacious Aces
by Ken de Courcy

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Sequacious Aces by Ken de Courcy

From the introduction:

"Four Ace Tricks" there are in plenty and most are effective when properly handled; at that, they can rarely be as telling as a complete routine. Here is my own Four Ace Routine formed over the years of bits and pieces from everywhere. I've found it extremely useful, for example, at dinners, and also at parties where I've been asked 'to do a trick '...commonly known as 'singing for one's supper'. I would do this, and no more. It proved sufficient yet always left them wanting, which is how it should be. A modicum of sleight-of-hand is needed....

The description of the various methods used has been broken down into both sequences and steps. Some of the steps have needed more than words to make the handling clear; in these cases I've added drawings. Learn the routine, give it some practice and you'll have a seven or eight minute interlude that can entertain any audience.


In brief: Two spectators cut the deck and deal the cards finding three aces. The fourth ace is produced from the spectator's coat. The performer then executes the classic four aces trick where the aces are dealt on the table and covered with three cards each. A spectator chooses a pile and the four aces are found in that pile. This is repeated with the four aces FACE UP. Three aces vanish and are found in the chosen pile. For the third time 4 piles are dealt with an ace under each and the aces completely vanish. The aces are found in a spectator pocket, ending in a memorable way this wonderful routine!

No faked cards are used and all can be completely examined at the end. Wonderful....

1st edition 1975, 1st digital edtion 2016, 14 pages.
word count: 3352 which is equivalent to 13 standard pages of text