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It's Knot Impossible
by Ken de Courcy


(1 review, 3 customer ratings) ★★★★

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It's Knot Impossible by Ken de Courcy

Get the most from a classic trick. All you need is a single piece of rope (that can be borrowed) and you are always ready to entertain your audience. It packs so small but it plays so big. You can perform it close up or for a big audience.

"The Impossible Knot", originally called "G.W.Hunter's Puzzle Knot", was well-known to magicians fifty years ago but appears to have dropped out of use. This is a shame because it is easy to do, not well-known and, due to the method, almost impossible for a spectator to work out even when he is apparently shown how it is done. In short, it's a useful thing for a performer to have in his armory and that's excuse enough for describing it again together with a number of variations.

The Effect:

The magician ties a single genuine knot in a piece of unprepared rope or string without letting go of the ends. Think about that for a moment! Apart from the old gag of folding your arms before you pick up the ends of the rope, it is utterly impossible.

After giving you the method, Ken discusses several variations and an hilarious routine by Edwin Hooper.

1st edition 1977, 1st digital edition 2016, 5 pages.
word count: 1961 which is equivalent to 7 standard pages of text

Reviewed by tommaso percivale (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 08 June, 2016

Well, the price is very low so it's not a big issue but... I already knew this trick and i was looking to transform it into an effect. I hoped to find a fresh routine, something funny, even brilliant but... this is not the case. It's flat and uncharming, something that don't resolve the slightly boring soul of this trick. Even worse: the routine don't have an ending because the author continued with another routine (not showed in the doc). To me it's like a quick cut and paste of a very old and uninspiring material.

Is this an interesting trick? Yes Is this the best way to learn it? I don't think so.