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Shouting Jokers

by Jozsef Kovacs
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Shouting Jokers by Jozsef Kovacs

As Aldo Colombini says... "A wonderful routine with so many climaxes!" This is based on the famous theme of the Whispering Queens.

Effect: Two people each select a card and sign them. You now introduce a packet of three Jokers. The two selections are touched by the Jokers who then "whisper" their identities to you! One of the selections is cut into the deck, but instantly reappears between the Jokers! The other selection is now placed among the three Jokers from where... it vanishes... only to reappear seconds later in your pocket! No palming. No extra cards. The selected cards can even be signed if you like.

"Here's a trick from a Hungarian magician that I've recently discovered ... Shouting Jokers is a very beautiful routine, inspired by the Whispering Queens plot. Very easy to do. I've seen many variations of this trick but this one became one of my favorites. It is not "heavily" gimmicked so with a bit of sleight of hand, you can do it with ordinary cards. I've also bought József's ebooks and they contain very good material which are worth the prices of these ebooks. Personally, after having read and performed some of his material, I can't wait for his next releases. Keep up the good work József!" - Raphael Czaja

"Check out SHOUTING JOKERS by József Kovács to see a variation on STAGE SHOUT by Roy Walton. It seems a shame to add a gimmicked card to a Walton effect. But – it is done in quite a clever way. It is worth looking at if you ever come across it." - Joe McKay

[Note that this effect first appeared in The Card Magic Of (Some) Of My Friends by Aldo Colombini.]

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