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Colour Scheme
by Jozsef Kovacs

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Colour Scheme by Jozsef Kovacs

You introduce a deck of cards and five different coloured pens. You have a spectator freely select a card, after which the card is lost back into the deck. They are now invited to select some, or all, of the pens. Let's say they pick three pens: RED, ORANGE and GREEN. The remaining pens are discarded. You ask them to take each pen and write a single-digit number with it. This results in three written digits, each of a different colour. For example: 7 3 5.

Turning to a second spectator, you ask her to mix the three pens so that they are in a random order. The three written digits are now re-arranged according to the new order. If the order of the pens is, ORANGE, RED and GREEN, then the new order of the written numbers might be: 5 7 3

You now take the deck and deal a pile of cards for each number. Despite the fairness in the creation of the numbers, the card you arrive at is the previously selected card!

[Note that this effect first appeared in Mind Blasters II, a compilation created by Peter Duffie.]

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