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Silk and Flower Magic
by A. K. Dutt

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Silk and Flower Magic by A. K. Dutt

Excerpt from the Introduction:

Though I don't claim anything original in this book, I have tried to blend two existing effects to create a new one, or to use the usual accessories like utility reel, pull etc., in some unusual ways or to position them in some unexpected places for unexpected purposes. Most of the tricks explained in this book are in one way or another connected to body load methods and hence this book comes under that category.

  • Introduction
  • The Half and Half Colour Change Record
  • Card on Rope
  • Fifth Dimension Thimbles
  • Bare handed Garland of Spring Flower Production
  • The A.K. DUTT Repeat Pull
  • Signed 20th Century Silks in Reverse
  • Knots in Sympathy
  • Shower of Flowers
  • Spots Before Your Eyes
  • Jumping Silks
  • Flash Production of Two Bouquets on Ribbons
  • A String of Pearls
  • Introducing A. K. Dutt

1st edition 1995, PDF 44 pages.
word count: 10108 which is equivalent to 40 standard pages of text