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Sleightly Cerebral 1
by Nick Conticello

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Sleightly Cerebral 1 by Nick Conticello

Nick Conticello is proud to celebrate the fourth anniversary of his debut here at with the release of the first ebook of a new series, Sleightly Cerebral. This first book is devoted to a rethinking of the classic Do-As-I-Do card effect.

From the Foreword:

Welcome to the first episode of a new series, Sleightly Cerebral. As you might surmise from the crude humor of the title, these books will explain effects that employ sleight-of-hand, while continuing the vision of the material in The Cerebral Approach. Generally each volume will explore one or two simple but under-utilized sleights while frequently rethinking old effects and exploring fresh methods to achieve these effects.

I've decided to avoid including any effects in this series which employ heavy counting techniques, like the Littlecount. That is not to say I will avoid mathematical techniques completely, but any items using math will tend to be of the "no-brainer" type. That is also not to say that the material will not often require you to think on your feet. But the thought involved will not be arithmetical, merely tactical. I may also discuss effects involving set-ups, both small and large. In short, this series will be almost the inverse of The Cerebral Approach.

Aside from the sleights which will be the focus of each volume, I will tend not to explain standard sleights, like standard double-lifts, the Elmsley and Jordan false counts, top palms, false shuffles or cuts, and the like. These are well covered in standard texts, with which you should all be familiar.

Most of the sleights I will employ have been written about before. I claim no originality for any of them. But I believe the ways I use them are novel and useful. Hopefully, you will come to share my optimism.

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • The End Double Lift: The ENDL
  • Classic Two Deck Do-As-I-Do
  • One Deck Do-As-I-Do
  • Gardner's Two Deck Trick
  • A Lesson in Magic
  • Envoi

1st edition 2018, 11 pages.
word count: 3182 which is equivalent to 12 standard pages of text