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Sleightly Close-Up
by Wolfgang Riebe

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Sleightly Close-Up by Wolfgang Riebe

Close-up magic tricks for everyone - from cards to general close-up

This ebook is filled with various commercial close-up tricks and routines that have been tried, tested and performed for live audiences over many years. These are practical and commercial effects that will appeal to the working magician whose focus is on captivating and entertaining his audience.

You will find a mix of old and new items, original tricks, twists on old routines and ideas to tweak those close-up effects gathering dust in your cupboard.

For the card magicians, you will find sensational routines, such as Fred Out Done and Out of This World Supercharged that are each worth ten times the price of the ebook. There is even a Wild Card routine that can be performed impromptu with regular cards! Imagine a Card in Wallet where the wallet is made from paper and folded into a wallet in front of the audience, only to have the signed card appear inside. In fact there are a good dozen tricks that could easily become your new favorite card effects. In total over 30 card tricks with some video links to see the routines being performed. The link to the Commercial Card Magic teach-in online video also contains more powerful tried and tested effects that will blow you away.

For the non-card magician, there are a further 30 plus close-up effects to excite you, plus access to a further 2 online teach-in videos shot in the UK, and globally in the 90's, called, My Favorite Effects 1 & 2 with rare footage of acclaimed Dutch magician Hans Trixer

Many of these original tricks and routines would cost ten times the price of this book from a magic dealer.

Includes full access to online e-learning videos shot in the 90's.

  • My Favorite Effects 1
  • My Favorite Effects 2
  • Commercial Card Magic
Table of Contents:
    • 3,4,5 Of Clubs
    • 8H, 8S & 4D Prediction
    • An Environmental Concern Trick
    • The Floating Lady
    • A triple change with a Surprise Finish
    • A variation on Ron Gilbert's Calling Card
    • Bending Card
    • Blank Card Surprise
    • Card in Walnut
    • Card on Shirt
    • Card in Paper Wallet - Hans Trixer
    • Coin on Card
    • Color Confusion Criss Cross Deck - Doug Bennet
    • Embarrassed Card
    • Flower Card
    • Fred Outdone
    • Four of Spades
    • Green Carpet - Andre Robert
    • Gunshot Card
    • Incredible Prediction
    • Joker Surprise
    • Jumbo Comedy Card Selection
    • Key Card Suprise 1
    • Key Card Suprise 2
    • Mind Boggler
    • Mirror Cards
    • Not the Eight of Hearts
    • Odd One Out
    • Out of This World Supercharged
    • Psycho Deck in Collaboration with Martin Breese
    • Silken Card
    • Splitting a Card
    • Sucker Card Selection
    • The Dutch Looper - Ken Brooke
    • Voodoo
    • Wild Cards with Regular Cards
    • You Do As I Do As Direct As Can Be
    • A Novel Idea - The Gypsy Thread
    • An Office Quickie
    • Blackbeard's Gold
    • Chalk Paddle
    • Multiplying Chalk Paddle
    • Color Changing Cigarette
    • ESP Prediction Matchboxes
    • Eye Popper
    • Flagnotes from Banknote with Surprise Drink
    • Gambler's Dream
    • Ghostly Matchboxes
    • Ink - Paper to Money
    • Instant Photography
    • Match & Cup
    • Matrix Monte
    • Mental Photography
    • This One, That One - George Hill
    • Scrabble Prediction
    • The Ultimate Scrabble Prediction
    • Step by Step Golf Ball Vanish
    • Tea to Tee
    • The Oyster Shell
    • The Hole That's Not
    • The Perfect Gambler
    • Thimble Color Change
    • Thimble Color Change in Tube
    • Tipp-Exx Magic
    • Water to Ice
    • Water to Tea
    • Acrobatic Matchbox
    • Card in Orange
    • Finding a Card
    • Card One-Liners

1st edition 2017, 239 pages.
word count: 55838 which is equivalent to 223 standard pages of text