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Slydini Concepts
by D. Angelo Ferri


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Slydini Concepts by D. Angelo Ferri

This two-hour lecture will teach you a heightened awareness of how Slydini thought, moved, constructed, and achieved his magic. You will learn many of the underlying principles and concepts Slydini used to misdirect and apply sleight of hand. Dennis Barlotta demonstrates and explains the various ideas with examples mostly taken from Slydini's routines. No entire tricks will be taught. While it is helpful to be familiar with some of Slydini's tricks, their knowledge is not necessary to understand the various concepts taught.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • stance, attire, performing conditions (table, chair)
  • lines of sight
  • spectator selection and treatment
  • involving audience
  • non-verbal communication (Jack Benny)
  • controlling with questions
  • false moves
  • psychology; "Let them build you up."
  • body takes the hand
  • coordination of movement (Tommy Wonder)
  • timing
  • words and beats
  • tension and relaxation
  • 'talking' with the hands
  • 'invisible sleights'
  • leave and take
  • mental alternatives
  • use of the eyes, eye contact; "How long does it take you to see?"
  • mental manipulation
  • tone of voice
  • 'believe' your own magic: "If you believe it they will believe it."
  • 'stiff like marble' - 'wither and die'
  • 72 beats per minute
  • ingraining movements
  • creating space and time between events
  • open and hidden hand movement
  • slow and deliberate working; clarity
  • alternate head and hand movement
  • managing expectations, mind, and thoughts of spectators; introduction; patter
  • "You fool the mind first and the eyes second."
  • more elegant rope count for professor's nightmare
  • transferrable sleights, concepts and principles
  • "The coins are the gateway to my magic."
  • mentally off-balancing spectators
  • anticipatory glances
  • combination of principles
  • illusionary postures
  • projection of doubt
  • off-beat
  • magically sticking cards to the wall

1st edition 2023, video 2 hours.

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