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Slydini Lecture 2005
by Jim Cellini


(3 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Slydini Lecture 2005 by Jim Cellini

Slydini was Jim Cellini's friend, mentor, and teacher. In this wonderful lecture Cellini shares the many lessons and unique points of the legendary Slydini.

  • Introduction
  • Slydini Silks Routine
  • Cut and Restored Rope
  • Vanishing Silk
  • Chinese Linking Rings
  • Paperbox and Balls Routine
  • Coins Through Table
  • Silk Fountain
  • Cellini Meets Slydini
  • Movements and How to Take Bows
  • Table Work and Lapping
  • Slydini Silks
  • Cut and Restored Rope
  • Thoughts on Slydini (the rope trick)
  • More Thoughts on Slydini (the card trick)
  • The Thumb Tip
  • Vanishing Silk (story of Adam and Eve)
  • Six Coins Through Table
  • Han Pen Chieng Move
  • Two to Four Coins Through Table
  • One Coin Through Table
  • Unique Coin Routine (never published before)
  • Coin Matrix Routine
  • Magic with Cigarettes
  • How to Restore a Cigarette
  • Torn and Restored Cigarette
  • Cellini's Cigarette Variation
  • Paperbox and Balls
  • Stories about Slydini

1st edition 2005, 1st download edition 2018, length 1h 52min

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