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Sock It To 'Em
by Graham Reed


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Sock It To 'Em by Graham Reed

A comedy and original "Just Chance" routine for children and adults with several presentation ideas. Very easy to do and to prepare.

Here's a tremendous 'Just Chance' effect; tremendous because not only is the method extremely clever, clean and easy to perform, but the plot is distinctly novel and offbeat. Clear instructions explain how to prepare it in just a few minutes. All the items you need are easily found.

In performance, a neat plastic rod is shown. Attached to this are three colored clothes pegs and three colorful socks. The magician explains that it is his own way to make a gift to someone in the audience, for only one of the stockings contains a gift. He'll show how it works by allowing two spectators to participate and, who knows, they may get the sock which contains the gift. The whole of the apparatus is freely shown and it is distinctly seen that apart from the properties he is holding, the magician's hands are empty. There are no hand gimmicks, No Thumb Tips, or anything at all of that sort involved.

Two spectators assist and each is allowed a perfectly free selection of any one of the colored socks. There is no force of any kind. Whatever sock the spectator chooses, this sock is unclipped and removed from the bar. One sock and one sock only remains in place. Again the magician emphasizes that his hands are empty, and holds up the sock which remains in full display. Each of the spectators is asked to feel inside the socks which they selected ... there is nothing there!

Now a member of the audience is asked to act on behalf of the magician. "Otherwise", the magician says, "I may well be accused of introducing something into the sock. I want you to take the sock yourself. Show the audience that your hands are empty because you might be accused of being a stooge. I want you to reach inside the sock and to pull out anything which you find inside." The spectator reaches into the sock. From inside it, he pulls out a genuine $5, $10, $50 note ... what-have-you.

All the apparatus used could be rigidly examined, if you wished, because it is virtually unfaked. Several presentation ideas complete the detailed manuscript. Here is an example. You explain that many people keep their money in an old sock, and this is your latest burglar-proof idea. In order to fool the burglars, you have three socks hanging in a line, and your money is in only one of the socks, and of course, it's just a matter of chance as to which sock the burglar is going to steal. Two spectators are asked to play the part of burglars and are given a perfectly free selection of socks. They get the empty ones, and you get the one with the note inside.

We believe this to be a new departure in 'Just Chance' effects. A wonderful, wonderful idea that you'll thrill to use.

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