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Solar Wind
by William Lee

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Solar Wind by William Lee

Solar Wind - The Perpetual Floating Card - is not so much a magic trick as it is a piece of magic art. A card hovers above the deck...and just keeps on hovering. Leave it on a desk, table, or shelf and it could be enjoyed for years.

Is the method invisible? It depends on the surface, the background, and the lighting. Set up on a dark surface it is very difficult to see the mechanism, even from a couple of feet away. By choosing the right conditions it is possible to make it even more invisible. However, the method is not 100% invisible.

This is hard to build. Some of the steps require good eyesight and finger dexterity. Only recommended for the very crafty. In addition to standard arts-and-crafts materials some other special materials are required in the construction and must be purchased (roughly $20).

1st edition 2018, 12 pages.