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Spring Contact (Package of 25)
by miniTesla

Spring Contact (Package of 25) by miniTesla

These are the crucial miniTesla spring contacts. They are the connecting elements that allow mechanical as well as electrical connection of electric components. This package includes 25 of them.

miniTesla spring contacts

They are inserted in 5 mm holes of pegboards about 1/8" (~3 mm) thick. They can be inserted and removed with your fingers but a better removal tool is a 1.75 mm (No. 0) crochet hook. Please refer to the manual for details.

To clamp wires use your fingers or our compression tool.

These spring contacts also fit perfectly into half-height (thin) Lego technic beams. One can construct a little pegboard purely from thin Lego technic beams and then use the miniTesla spring contacts to construct an electric circuit.

miniTesla Lego pegboard

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