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Stanley Jaks

Stanley Jaks

(26th July 1903 - 5th January 1960)

Born in Deutsch-Krone, Dantzig, Germany. Stage name of Siegbert Jaks, aka "Jax", "Jack Stanley", and "Stanley Jacks". Studied at the Berlin school of arts and crafts. Originally pro close-up comedy magic. In mid 1930s fled Nazi Germany, moving to Liechtenstein. Taught Jean-Marc in 1945. Moved to USA in 1946, receiving the honorific title "Doctor" that year. Soon turned to mentalism. Got US citizenship in 1951. 1952 Sphinx Award. Toured Britain in 1953. Died at home in Manhattan of a heart attack.

Invented Supersonic Card Prediction (by 1948), Incredible Prediction (by 1949), Multiball (1952), The Four Blacks (1953), Mind-Ray (1955), What Card (1955), and Mental Image (1958).

Coauthors: Sid Lorraine, J. G. Thompson Jr.

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Stanley Jaks & J. G. Thompson Jr.
Omar's Prophecies by Stanley Jaks & J. G. Thompson Jr.

Dr. Jaks' Triple Prediction miracle and other mental subtleties are clearly explained in this must-have manuscript for mentalists and psychic entertainers. Dr. Jaks devised a devilishly clever Triple Prediction. Now, J. G. Thompson's clear instructions enable you to perform this amazing demonstration.

Plus, you also get additional chapters on Jaks' techniques for: his billet knife, Chuck Smith's M-T Pad, a devastating card mental test for stage, and how Jaks would stretch the truth to turn a terrific prediction into a mind-blowing spectator experience.

The Triple Prediction effect, as...

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Stanley Jaks & Sid Lorraine
The Incredible Dr. Jaks by Stanley Jaks & Sid Lorraine

Sid Lorraine has provided a well-balanced and interesting introduction to this master mentalist. The tape includes an interview made in the 50's plus two live show extracts which enable you to hear exactly how Dr. Jaks gained his impact. Plus as a bonus, Sid has been kind enough to release for the very first time an effect shown to him by Dr. Jaks and never previously made available to magicians.

This is a digitally re-mastered (MP3) version of the original MagiCassetteā„¢ released by Martin Breese - now owned by

★★★★★ $14
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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products)