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Steffan Soule

Steffan Soule

Seattle Magician Steffan Soule expertly shows people that anything is possible! He weaves a visual tapestry of dazzling magic into a variety of theatrical shows: the audience laughs and their heads shake in astonishment as they see lights fly around Steffan and turn into fire. A volunteer narrowly escapes an impossible wrapping of ropes tied through his own jacket and sees a signed $100 bill vanish from his hand, only to appear embedded in a lemon moments later.

Steffan’s magic is recognized with a Kennedy Center Award for the Arts. He has performed on National Television, twelve times for Bill Gates and in hundreds of corporations nationwide. His show entitled "The Magic of Recycling" is sponsored by the Department of Ecology. Steffan presents the Process Magic Experience to demonstrate the enneagram and the Nine Term Symbol principles from his book Accomplish The Impossible. He gives corporate audiences a practical stimulating approach to process transformation.

As designer and co-producer of two million-dollar-magic-theatres custom built for his shows Steffan Soule performed the longest running magic show on the West Coast, "Mysterian". The show’s five year run featured some of the greatest magic in the world according to magicians, critics and magic historians.

Steffan and his wife, Barbara are based in Seattle where their performances are well known in the arts scene. They have worked with the Seattle Symphony, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Seattle Reparatory Theatre, The Fifth Avenue Theatre, Village Theatre, and Seattle Children's Theatre. Currently, Steffan Soule performs for theatres, corporate events and private parties while creating new works with artist Cooper Edens and their magic ensemble.


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Steffan Soule
Suitcase Table by Steffan Soule

Suitcase conversion to rolling stage table - a Suitcase Table for magicians who fly to their performance.

If you fly to your performance, and if you need to fit as many props into your check-in luggage as possible given modern weight and size restrictions (62" and 50 pounds for example), then this suitcase table is for you.

This suitcase table system is the best in the world. It uses the latest regulation size suitcase by Samsonite (or any four wheel "clamshell" of your choice) and alters it into a rolling magician's suitcase table. The final suitcase table converts from a suitcase to...

2011 / 12 / 22

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Steffan Soule
Hand Eye Coordination by Steffan Soule

This ebook teaches you how to perform Steffan Soule's Hand and Eye card trick and it shows you how to print your own playing cards. You will learn about all the latest methods to print playing cards, and you will see exactly how to invent your own customized version of Hand and Eye for your friends and important corporate events.

You can create your own magic for company parties and events using Steffan Soule's Hand and Eye as a basis for communicating ideas, themes, product branding, logos and more.

This ebook include additional artfiles to print and customize your own version.


2011 / 12 / 10

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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products)