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Suitcase Table

by Steffan Soule
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Suitcase Table by Steffan Soule

Suitcase conversion to rolling stage table - a Suitcase Table for magicians who fly to their performance.

If you fly to your performance, and if you need to fit as many props into your check-in luggage as possible given modern weight and size restrictions (62" and 50 pounds for example), then this suitcase table is for you.

This suitcase table system is the best in the world. It uses the latest regulation size suitcase by Samsonite (or any four wheel "clamshell" of your choice) and alters it into a rolling magician's suitcase table. The final suitcase table converts from a suitcase to a stage worthy table in less than two minutes and it packs up in seconds.

You will learn:

  • The secret to creating hanging shelves inside your table that are adjustable in every way and customizable to your props.
  • How to select state of the art materials that are super strong and yet the very lightest weight possible and how they act as extra protection while you are shipping your gear inside the suitcase.
  • What fabric tricks create a table top for a suitcase that not only looks great but stabilizes the system without adding weight.
  • How to have a floor that keeps the whole system together and makes it as solid as can be.
  • How to move your suitcase table easily through hotel ballrooms by rolling it or even picking the whole thing up without any fear of it collapsing.
If you need to keep your travel weight down and keep your stage set looking good with a nicely draped table that can easily roll on and off or from mark to mark, then you must have the information in this eBook.

If you need a suitcase table that looks great, rolls on stage and holds props, you are a few clicks away from having the best conversion system out there.

1st edition 2011; 20 pages photo illustrated + video
word count: 3098 which is equivalent to 12 standard pages of text

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