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Steve Pellegrino

Steve Pellegrino

With almost 50 years of experience in the magic industry, Steve Pellegrino brings a unique perspective to his creations that professional mystery entertainers appreciate.

Steve was fortunate to grow up in Las Vegas and learn from his mentors Gary Darwin, John Thompson, and Michael Skinner. As a teenager, Steve began performing regularly in casinos at The Sahara, The Maxim, and The Mint. Performing for adult audiences and working with older and more experienced entertainers, Steve gained valuable insight about entertaining at a professional level at an early age. By the time he joined David Copperfield's show in 1981, he had already spent two years performing on Las Vegas stages.

During the two years Steve spent with David Copperfield, David shared his insights about performing and magic. The experience with David Copperfield's show opened doors for him to work with other top magicians, such as Harry Blackstone and Kirby VanBurch. In addition, Steve was the first variety performer in the long-running show, Crazy Girls at The Riviera in Las Vegas. After spending over a decade working shows in Las Vegas, Steve started branching out into corporate shows.

In addition to his performing career, Steve has also worked behind-the-scenes developing new magic for magicians, publishing over 24 manuscripts, consulting for L&L Publishing and Ellusionist.

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Steve Pellegrino
Your Last Card by Steve Pellegrino

A lost Michael Skinner mystery, updated by Steve Pellegrino. Included is Michael Skinner's original handling and Steve Pellegrino's additions. Your Last Card is a triple revelation with two different predictions. You can reset it during performance and no sleight-of-hand is required.

You ask a spectator to cut off a small packet of cards, less than half of the deck. You turn away as they do this, so you don't know how much they cut, even an approximate amount. They pocket their cards. You also cut off a small packet of cards for yourself.

Before the presentation with the cards begins, you write a...

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