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Steven Palmer

Tracker by Steven PalmerThis is a routine that can be presented as an impossible gambling skill or as a true telepathy demonstration with playing cards.

The routine is semi-automatic and borders on self-working. It seems exceptionally fair to the spectator. If you can riffle shuffle a deck of cards you can perform this piece of astonishment.

A brief description of the effect is that the spectator takes a deck of playing cards that he has mixed and deals them one by one as the performer has his back turned. The spectator stops dealing every time he sees a picture card and is asked to send the playing cards identity...

2020 / 8 / 21

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Steven Palmer

Exhale by Steven PalmerExhale is a utility technique / force that enables the performer to force a card on a spectator as the spectator shuffles and cuts the deck. It is a combination of ideas and techniques from the literature that have been streamlined and added to. Included are several routines I have used the technique with. The exhale technique is essentially self-working and seems impossible to the spectator as the spectator does all the work.

1st edition 2020, PDF 21 pages.

2020 / 8 / 21

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Steven Palmer

Pseudo Chronicles 1 by Steven PalmerWelcome to the first volume of Psuedo Chronicles. The goal of these notes and this series is to showcase effects that mimic real mind reading or extraordinary skill with playing cards. None of the effects contained herein require any sleight of hand beyond a beginner level. That being said, do not under estimate the power of these effects. They are a constant in my working repertoire and always receive great reactions. [Note: These effects have previously been published in Subtle which has been out of print for some time.


Subtle: A routine that displays how far ahead you can get using psychology in a routine.

This demonstration...

2020 / 5 / 11

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Steven Palmer

Glitch by Steven PalmerA streamlined approach to the thought of Card in Wallet / pocket idea. Fans of this type of plot are sure to enjoy this.

The work and ideas involved in this could be easily adapted to your current version of the routine and maybe streamline or inspire you to rethink your current handling of the plot.

1st edition 2018, 5 pages.

2018 / 1 / 19

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Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 products) Pages:  1 
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