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Super Delux Baby Gag by Devin Knight

Devin Knight has reworked this old gag for today's audiences with new up to date topical gags and jokes not found in other baby gag routines. The routine also includes an optional kicker finish where an adult photo of the named person is removed from the envelope.

This is not the old standard baby gag. This is a complete comedy routine in itself. The performer says he wants to try some quick psychic experiments. He begins with a comedy number prediction, proving he thought of the same number the participant did(???). Next, he asks anyone to name a famous person. As a gag he removes a baby picture from the envelope claiming this is the person when he was a baby. This is where the normal gag ends, but there is much more in Devin's routine.

What follows is a non-stop laugh-packed routine using NEW lines and gags. You get over seven new and topical gags. Two new sight-gags are done with the baby picture that will bring the house down with laughter. These gags are too good to tip in this ad, but they have never been used before with the baby gag.

AN OLD PROBLEM SOLVED: What happens if someone names, An Asian, a Hispanic or Native American? With this routine you are covered. If someone names Jackie Chan, you produce a photo that is funnier than the original baby gag. It is a gag not used before in this routine.

BONUS ROUTINE: Includes a sure-fire method where audience members call out names of famous people (no stooges) and one of these names is chosen. After doing the baby gag routine; for a climax, an actual ADULT photo of the named person is removed from the envelope. This is done with NO PRE-SHOW WORK and the full secret is included in this release. This alone is worth the price of the trick and will fool the smartest of audiences.

Fully audience tested, with every gag and line a PROVEN LAUGH-GETTER. Full-color photos are used, not cartoon drawings, because real photos get better response from audiences. This was designed with the professional performer in mind.

Comes complete with PDF files to print out all the needed 8.5" x 11" photo-cards in full-color. Includes a gag photo of the performer when he was child, plus a comedy picture of your kids. You get the complete performance script detailing every gag and punch line, plus additional jokes you can use in the routine. Everything has been real world tested prior to this new release.

Suitable for Magicians, MCs and Comedians.


I use it all the time. - Bill Malone

"The new addition with the adult photo finish is an excellent idea and will be the version that I use most often. I never thought that the simple baby gag could be turned into showpiece, but Devin has done it!" - Harvey Sweetman

"...a great comedy routine that can enhance any stand-up act. It’s a funny bit that makes a strong connection with audiences." - Wayne Kawamoto, Magic & Illusion

"It's good...a solid piece...short fun bit that would work perfectly between two heavier pieces..." - Christian, MyLovelyAssistant

1st edition 2012, 12 pages.
word count: 3622 which is equivalent to 14 standard pages of text