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Super Session #15: Basic Emotions
by Gregg Webb


(2 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Super Session #15: Basic Emotions by Gregg Webb

Gregg Webb and Ed Brown teach a mentalism routine that enables you to perform a demonstration of clairvoyance or psychometry. Required are two easy-to-make packets of faces and a matching set of word cards that describe the emotions depicted by the faces. The spectator mixes the pictures and deals them to the table in any order. You deal the word cards face down on top of each face: all of the cards match!

  • The cards are unmarked
  • The method is simple and the effect is easy to perform, which allows you to focus on your presentation.

1st edition 2021, 5 pages hand lettered text with illustrations.
word count: 156 which is equivalent to 0 standard pages of text