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Technicolor Chance: Fogel's Top Secrets No. 3
by Maurice Fogel

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Technicolor Chance: Fogel's Top Secrets No. 3 by Maurice Fogel

In a row on a tray stand five differently colored tissue paper bags. Two members of the audience are invited to participate in a little game. Each of the tissue paper bags has been screwed over at the top. Four of the bags, states the magician, contain crumpled pieces of paper. The fifth one contains something of value. The bags can be examined without actually being opened. They can be shaken and held to the light. Sure enough, something is seen and heard inside each of them. A taper is lit. The audience are asked to nominate one of the bags. The bag is lifted and caught on fire, when it dramatically burns away.

A second bag is nominated and this also is set on fire. Three bags only remain. One spectator is invited to choose one bag, the second spectator another bag. They may change their minds if they wish, exchanging the bag which they hold for the one remaining on the tray. Finally, you take up the remaining bag and ask the spectators to do as you do. Carefully, the top of the bag is untwisted. You reach into the bag and remove a crumpled piece of white tissue paper. The spectators do likewise. The bags are discarded. Now both spectators open up their crumpled pieces of paper to find ...... nothing! Finally, you open the piece of paper which you hold and inside is a £1 or £5 note.

So much then for the effect. The "Just Chance" plot, but instead of using envelopes on the tray, the trick is given a little added colour and made more visual and appealing by the use of paper bags. There is a small surprise element at the end when you remove a crumpled piece of white paper. The audience imagine for a moment that the wrong bag must have been burnt, and there is scope for comedy here. Finally, a surprise as the papers are opened and the treasury note is found inside the one you hold.

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