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Maurice Fogel

Maurice Fogel

(East End, London, England: 7th July 1911 - 30th October 1981)

Inspired and learned at age 12 from magic books in a London public library. Pro since debut in 1929 as assistant to Rameses. Worked as "The Magical Impressionist" 1935-36, impersonating famous magicians. Mentalist since 1939. Pet publicity effect: Bullet Catching 1941-60. Probably invented Russian Roulette (in 1970) and did invent Cheating the Gallows (by 1978). Wrote 5 booklets. Audio (1970s). In 1971 his only child, Nadine, married magician Chris Woodward. Died in London.

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Maurice Fogel

Technicolor Chance by Maurice FogelIn a row on a tray stand five differently colored tissue paper bags. Two members of the audience are invited to participate in a little game. Each of the tissue paper bags has been screwed over at the top. Four of the bags, states the magician, contain crumpled pieces of paper. The fifth one contains something of value. The bags can be examined without actually being opened. They can be shaken and held to the light. Sure enough, something is seen and heard inside each of them. A taper is lit. The audience are asked to nominate one of the bags. The bag is lifted and caught on fire, when it dramatically...
2017 / 10 / 31

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