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Tell Tell Water
by Devin Knight


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Tell Tell Water by Devin Knight

Tell Tell Water is one of the most original card revelations ever released. The trick is topical, due to the research going on with water. A Japanese researcher claims that water reacts to emotions and sounds. He wrote a best-selling book about it called, Hidden Messages In Water. This effect is based on his research.

To buy this trick made up from a magic dealer would cost you about $75.00. Devin gives complete details on do it yourself (DIY) for a few bucks and tells you everything you need.

EFFECT: Performer talks of the research being done in Japan with water. He further comments that current research suggests that water can be influenced by our emotions, words and thoughts. In fact, a movie based on this is coming out, and there are several best-selling books on the subject. Some people in your audience may be familiar with this topic.

You offer to demonstrate. You show a clear and empty milk bottle and a pitcher of water. You fill the bottle with water. You do this visibly, as there is nothing obstructing the mouth of the bottle. You have a person select a card and commit it to memory. You put a card case over the mouth of the water-filled bottle and turn it upside. You remove the card case, and the water does not gush out. Instead, it remains magically suspended in mid-air.

You say, "Let's see if the water will react to certain words." You hold the inverted glass bottle over the pitcher. You ask the woman to think of her card. You say, "RED," and nothing happens, this is repeated a few times. You say, "BLACK" and water gushes forth, you say, "RED" and the water stops completely! Say, "BLACK" again, and the water gushes.

"Let's try the suits," you explain. You name all four suits and the water gushes forth when the right suit is named and stops when a wrong suit is named. Finally, you try it with values, and when the correct value of the card (say a 4) is named, the water gushes forth. When wrong, it stops. Finally, you call off a random card and nothing happens, then you say the name of the card selected AND THE WATER GUSHES FORTH UNTIL THE BOTTLE IS EMPTY!

PDF contains full script and 10 photos showing you the routine step-by-step.

BONUS EFFECT: Aerostatic Bottle

A classic effect from years gone by. The magician shows a pitcher of milk and an old-fashion milk bottle. He pours the milk from the pitcher into the milk bottle and then places the pitcher on the floor. The magician covers the top of the milk bottle with a playing card and turns it upside-down. When the card is removed, the milk stays in the bottle defying gravity. At the magicians command, the milk starts gushing out of the bottle. Not tinkling, or slowly leaking, but GUSHING! When the magician commands, the milk flow stops completely. A real audience pleaser that appears totally impossible. This effect alone has sold for as much as $90.00

Both effects are SELF CONTAINED...NOTHING ADDED OR TAKEN AWAY. No Clear Lucite covers are used to stop water. Liquid can freely be poured in and out of the bottle, yet anytime when you turn the bottle upside down, the liquid defies gravity!

NOTE: This effect was briefly mentioned in Devin's Three Mind Miracles, but that PDF does not have the 10 photos and complete details on how to make this up, upkeep of the bottle and how to repair if needed. This PDF also contains bonus material not included in the Three Mind Miracles PDF. If you really want to do this effect, you need this detailed PDF that covers every nuance.

1st edition 2014, 18 pages.
word count: 4244 which is equivalent to 16 standard pages of text

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