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Test Conditions Second Sight
by Carroll K. Priest

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Test Conditions Second Sight by Carroll K. Priest

The material contained within this ebook was first released to an inner circle of mentalists at a price exceeding one hundred dollars. In 1980 the material was organised in the form of a booklet and offered to mentalists on a world-wide basis. In order to eliminate the merely curious from its readership, the booklet was sold at a high cover price. Despite this fact, the book sold out completely. In 1985 Martin Breese reprinted it and now it is available as ebook for the first time.

When presented properly this "SECOND SIGHT" test will have the impact of an atomic bomb. There is no doubt that fame and fortune can be attained by the use of this one effect alone. Others have used effects less powerful, less acceptable in believability and under less controlled conditions, and have risen to great heights in world renown. Test Conditions Second Sight is not for the performer who is inflicted with the plague of what is known as "Magician's Guilt". If you have to make disclaimers and only present yourself as a mere conjurer of magic tricks, then this effect is not for you.

The basic scheme of Test Conditions Second Sight is simple and direct. Under genuine test conditions a mental image of a freely selected object is projected by the Mentalist (the sender) to a special person (the receiver) over a considerable distance (by telephone for example). Telepathy pure and simple! There have been literally hundreds of methods devised to create the illusion of the phenomenon of the projection of thought, but the uniqueness of this "SECOND SIGHT" effect is that it can be accomplished under the most rigid of test conditions. It is, therefore, not a number to be presented on the stage or just as a party demonstration. Its use should be sparingly, only as a challenge to establish credibility and to create vast amounts of publicity for the performer.

When properly presented, Test Conditions Second Sight will convince the most skeptical person that extra sensory perception (E.S.P.) is the only possible explanation. It can be presented in any guise you wish, so that the "Preliminary Talk" given in this ebook is only an example and should be molded to your own personality and style. By being yourself you will create the most powerful form of presentation.

1st edition 1980, 2nd edition 1985, 1st digital edition 2013, 18 pages.
word count: 5962 which is equivalent to 23 standard pages of text