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IX by Kevin Wade

The name of this ebook partially comes from the fact you will learn nine amazing routines involving mentalism. You will also discover a method that possesses unique possibilities. It is the power of this system that creates the magic behind each routine and thus the true reason for the title IX.

I. Corporate Thoughts - Out of a list of 100 major companies a spectator makes a selection. A free thought is developed based upon the company chosen. In an astonishing display of ESP you are able to draw a design that is directly related to their very thoughts!

II. 52 Thoughts - A super strong hands-off variation of the "Think of Any Card" routine. So simple it makes the original "Lazy Magician" look overworked!

III. Secret Thoughts - Imagine having your spectator think of an everyday object such as a ring or watch...only to have you place that exact item in their hand. The reaction from this routine is shocking!

IV. K.W.'s Tossed Out - A unique "Tossed Out Deck" routine without the use of playing cards. Easy to perform with a climax that will leave everyone standing!

V. The Dice Is Right - A powerful routine using a pair of dice. It evokes participation where the spectator uses their own hidden talents to bring success. A "feel good" effect allowing you to simply provide the punctuation.

VI. Cent-A-Mental - An unknown prediction is written using the back of your business card, folded and given to a spectator to secure. Using the date from a borrowed coin the spectator determines a random number. The two are a perfect match!

VII. Cloud Nine - In this effortless "Any Card At Any Number" routine you are able to give a solid demonstration of your mental abilities. So easy you can even take a seat in the audience yourself, sit back and enjoy the show!

VIII. Burning Thoughts II - An impromptu version of the previously marketed original. The technique used will blow the glass out of the window of opportunity opening new doors to endless possibilities.

IX. Group Thoughts - This routine gets the entire audience involved and makes an excellent closer to any performance. It will insure your show ends with a standing ovation! It would also be perfect to use during your next television appearance involving the entire viewing audience in an interactive stunner.

Nine solid routines using a unique and powerful method.

1st edition 2013, 26 pages.
word count: 8708 which is equivalent to 34 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Pi Gi
★★★★   Date Added: Monday 22 December, 2014

To perform this tricks the spectator has to do some calculation which make all look like just a magic trick for kids instead of a mentalism miracle. I'm extremely disappointed.