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The Accursed Letter
by Mystic Alexandre


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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The Accursed Letter by Mystic Alexandre

So what is The Accursed Letter? I thought you'd never ask ...

It's a believable, chilling, well written letter, penned a long time ago by Rollo the Rollicking, carnival clown, that when read, will curse your friends!

Imagine the fun as you say ... "Oh my God, you have to read this!" And when they do, they will realize they have relieved you of a curse that is now upon them. So fun.

I was at a party recently where this letter was passed around to about ten people. It's effective at work, too (careful with joyless HR). How about family gatherings? Halloween goes without saying. Your partner upset you? Hand them the letter. Workmate not returning your pencils? Slip them the letter. Kids misbehaving? Give them the letter. (Just kidding, keep the children out of this.) You get the picture. Such joy.

I suggest you get aged paper to print this on, then crumple it a bit for effect. You can easily purchase aged paper online. They sell reams with 4 or 5 different types of aged paper, that way you can explore. Don't print this on a clean white sheet of paper, it'll dull the effect. Remember, this is an interactive piece of mini theater. It has to look right. This is what my letter looks like as an example ...

The cursed letter

What can I say, you'll have some fun with this! No instructional PDF included since I've said it all here. You'll get the letter ready to print.

Warning: Mystic Alexandre has passed this on to you so he can be relieved of the curse put upon him. If you purchase this, do not read the letter.

1st edition 2023, one PNG image file.