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Whispers of the Stygian Veil
by Mystic Alexandre

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Whispers of the Stygian Veil by Mystic Alexandre

In darkness deep, a chart does lie,
"Whispers of the Stygian Veil" by and by.
Penned by the Devil's cunning hand,
Wisdom you must strive to understand.

Cast the die into the abyss,
And await, the Devil's kiss.
Each outcome, a secret, sealed and true.
The Devil's advice, just for you.

With bated breath, as dice doth land,
Await the counsel, Devil's hand.
For in these "Whispers," deep and grave,
Lie devilish knowledge, for the brave.

Prepare for wisdoms to unveil,
From the haunting "Whispers of the Stygian Veil."

Unearth the Devil's own advice especially for you with every roll of a D20 (20-sided die is not included). A chart crafted by the master of the inferno, designed to reveal your darkest fortunes. Delve deep into the mysteries of destiny, but be warned: this power comes from realms beyond.

Just in time for Halloween. Or a bizarre engagement. Comes with PDF instructions and the chart you print out.

I love using these things because you can do mini readings with mini efforts. You will need to print this chart on aged paper which you can easily buy online, it would be a sin not to. You will also need a 20-sided die. Preferably one with the right look for this. I'll spill where I got mine in the PDF.

Here's an image of the chart I use, you can see the font used and the general look of it. Yes, I crumple it a bit.

The chart

Legit! For a mere $6.66, hold the devil's insight in your hands. Are you bold enough to unveil what lies ahead?

1st edition 2023, PDF 5 pages.
word count: 683 which is equivalent to 2 standard pages of text