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The Art of Suggestion And Influence: Practical Applications For Magicians And Mind Readers
by John Vincent


(3 customer ratings) ★★★★

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The Art of Suggestion And Influence: Practical Applications For Magicians And Mind Readers by John Vincent

"Lifts the lid on all the real secrets of the top TV mind readers." - Steve Crabb, NLP MASTER Trainer

You will learn how to ...

  • Suggest playing cards, images and pictures.
  • Create powerful hypnotic phenomena, without formal hypnosis.
  • Use suggestion and influence with contact muscle reading.
  • Learn failsafe methods for practicing these effects.
  • Become a more persuasive and powerful communicator.
  • Learn how to spot trance states and utilize them in entertainment. And much much more.

"The Art of Suggestion and Influence is a gold mind and must have for any one who wants to make their show truly Mesmerizing." - Dr. A. C. Marriott PHD. B.A.A.Hyp

Would you like to be able to ask someone to name a playing card and have them name the card you gave them to hold only moments before? Would you like to be able to hand somebody an envelope and then ask them to describe an image or scene, once finished have them open the envelope only to find that they have described the image inside?

Including, The Psychic Punch or Kinesthetic Illusion

In this effect you seemingly place your spectator into a trance and with a few suggestions they are unable to open their eyes (they really are locked tight!)...

...and then after a few gestures you knock your volunteer over whilst standing 10 feet away, with The Psychic Punch.

Just one of the suggestion-based effects described in and made possible by The Art of Suggestion and Influence: Practical Applications for Magicians and Mind Readers.

  • No Stooges
  • No Dual Realities.
What you will learn, are the real skills and actual techniques to create 'deep trance' phenomena without formal hypnosis. Create 'Deep Trance' phenomena without the Deep Trance!
  • No more gimmicks or props
  • No having people write things down
  • No more choosing from selections of objects
Imagine using simple covert waking-state suggestions you will be able to put thoughts into other peoples minds! They will believe them to be their own thoughts... and when you know what they are thinking it will amaze them when you describe inner thoughts.

You will also learn how to leave people in a very happy state of mind wanting more and ready to book you again! When applied This information will make you a more powerful and persuasive communicator!

After reading this book your views on Trance and Covert Hypnotic installation will be changed. When you learn these skills and techniques you will raise your game and create real miracles in your work!

There is a section on creating Amnesia Patterns in people and applications of influence within techniques like Contact Muscle Reading and work on light trance/waking state trances.

"John Vincent has really done a good job in explaining how these techniques work and how to put them into practice. If you are just beginning to explore these wonderful and truly amazing kinds of approaches, which by the way really will give you a top class performance in any situation, this book is definitely for you. In fact if you are a fully trained hypnotist, NLP practitioner or a professional showman this book will still give you a better understanding of how you can put your knowledge along with the knowledge and ideas in this book to make you the best in your field." - Dr. A. C. Marriott PHD. B.A.A.Hyp

1st edition 2008; 154 pages.
word count: 40380 which is equivalent to 161 standard pages of text