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by Dr. Bill Cushman

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Suggestabilities by Dr. Bill Cushman

Suggestabilities is a collection of three essays, each followed by an effect illustrating the principles explained.

Ericksonian Extracts is the first piece Dr. Bill Cushman ever published. It describes the impact of Milton Erickson on his own practices as a mentalist.

Alphabody Language puts these Ericksonian principles to work in a new way that allows the audience to reveal a chosen word! A versatile technique, the word can be from a standard booktest or learned by any clandestine method you prefer. No dual reality, no instant stooging, just good old-fashioned mentalism.

A Suggestion On The Use Of Suggestion addresses a common problem many beginning and even seasoned mentalists experience in approaching the art of suggestion. Dr. Bill explains the reason this occurs and offers a time honored, bulletproof solution.

The Jumping Pulse is the perfect effect to apply Dr. Bill's solution. It can’t go wrong; it’s usable for one person or an entire audience. Imagine evoking the sensation of your pulse jumping from finger to finger! Derived from his own clinical practice in mindfulness, The Jumping Pulse can serve as an effect on its own or as a gateway to enhance other routines.

Justifying Your Gaze is a treatise on how to integrate your natural behaviors into peek work and more. Learn Dr. Bill's answer to dilemmas that inhibit many mentalists from using some of our most powerful tools.

Outside The Fold is a potent routine where, with a fully justified gaze, you describe a spectator’s friend in detail.

As a bonus, join Millard Longman and Dr. Bill as they journey to the weekly service of a shuteye psychic. Or is he?

"Sit down, relax, and breathe deeply... When you have finished reading this book you'll have the tools to make yourself a better performer. Read this book.... think about what this book has to say... and practice the ideas within. You'll soon feel like you are under Bill's spell. Luckily he uses his powers for good and not evil. And now a word from this sponsor: Bill is starting to freak me out. He keeps coming up with fantastic ideas and methods. I'm starting to wonder if he really exists or maybe some guys got together and created a false identity so they could put out some cool stuff under someone else's name. Every time I read something from Bill I have an "Ah-ha!" moment. Far too many times. I'm starting to think that we'll all find out he's a computer simulated character programmed to pump out great ideas. If I'm right, I'm hoping that this program never crashes. So once again, Bill, you've come out with some great stuff... or is it Bill Version 2.3 I'm talking to?" - Greg Arce

“Bill Cushman wrote an incredible ebook titled ‘Suggestabilities’ which includes a most wonderful audience participation effect called ‘The Jumping Pulse.’ I was giddy as I read Bill’s wonderful piece. It really is lovely. ‘The Jumping Pulse’ is short, simple and extraordinarily effective. I really love it a lot for what it is, exactly how it is. Bill’s original handling is magnificent. JP is perhaps the most stunning progressive relaxation I have ever used or know of. The same suggestions can be given with a simple visualization like the moving elevator relaxation technique. What makes it unique with the ‘JP’ is that an actual physiological occurrence is taking place and can be NOTICED by your participants. By linking suggestions to what is already occurring naturally it’s even easier and more effective to relax a participant quickly and deeply. A few helpful tips are in order and come via Bill’s incredible book and experience with this technique. I agree with all of the points made and can personally testify to their importance. With my own modifications, it has become one of the top inductions I use and I draw upon this exercise in both my stage shows and private work for healing and entertainment with equally impressive results. The ‘JP’ has many great uses in persuasion, seduction and psychological mentalism alike. BTW, I love that Bill uses the left hand because it’s closer to the heart/source of the pulse and left body = right brain. It’s the attention to detail I love so much about Cushman’s work.

One thing that remains constant no matter what the variations appear like is this: People LOVE the ‘JP’ and I often teach it to my clients for private readings, hypnotherapy, shamanic processing and traditional healing, on stage during performance, in the parlor and even shortened versions used up close and personal. My own clients and audiences have reported almost miraculous results and major breakthroughs using this technique. Bill has shared a truly no prop, completely impromptu effect for one to one thousand that meets and exceeds what are usually typical clichés and hype. And there is no denying that is also a very therapeutic technique and we all deserve to show him a kind ‘Thank you’ and hug of gratitude the next time we see him!” - Jerome Finley

1st edition 2008; 61 pages.
word count: 18563 which is equivalent to 74 standard pages of text

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