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The Ascanio Spread
by Jon Racherbaumer


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The Ascanio Spread by Jon Racherbaumer

The Ascanio Spread is a beautiful false display move, generally used to display 4 cards and hide a fifth one.

From the Introduction:

The Ascanio Spread immigrated to this country from Amsterdam. Del Cartier, Herb Zarrow, Mike Rogers, and Pete Biro were instrumental in bringing this technique to America. In fact, Del Cartier is a close personal friend of Ascanio and was the go-between in obtaining the original Ascanio manuscript for Mike Rogers, who in turn passed it on to me.

  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • To Begin
    • Racherbaumer Variation
    • Some Comments On The Mechanics Of The Move
  • The Basic Move
    • I - The Standard Ascanio Spread
    • II - The Right First Finger Push-Off Variation Of The Ascanio Spread
    • III - Concluding Observations
  • Serpentin ACES
  • 1-2-3-4 Flip! / Edward Marlo
  • The Homing Card Ala Ascanio / Mike Rogers
  • The Cannibal Cards / Pete Biro
  • The Universal Card Ala Ascanio / Mike Rogers
  • The Undulating Universal / Eugene Castillon
  • The Blocked Ascanio / Edward Marlo
  • Super Spread / Edward Marlo
  • The Upturned One / Jon Racherbaumer
  • The Partial Ascanio / Eugene Castillon
  • Monte Madness / Eugene Castillon
  • Ladies Sing The Blues / Eugene Castillon
  • Jackpot / Eugene Castillon
  • Some Late Notes
1st edition 1976, 35 pages; 1st digital edition 2020, PDF 66 pages.
word count: 24326 which is equivalent to 97 standard pages of text