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The Assistant Test
by Devin Knight


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The Assistant Test by Devin Knight
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A comedy warmup that always gets laughter from an audience as the magician explains a test he uses to hire assistants.

Technically, this is not a magic trick. It is something that magicians and entertainers of all types can use. It never fails to amaze, amuse, entertain and create laughter. It will often generate smiles from the most stone-faced spectators. I know this from experience, as I have used this bit of comedy in my shows for over twenty years.

The magician tells a short story about a simple aptitude test that he always gives potential employees that want to work in his show, either onstage or backstage. The magician shows the test on a whiteboard and proceeds to show how a TOTAL idiot thought he got all the answers wrong, yet passed the test 100% correct and was hired! Just how this was done is demonstrated. It is something that will amuse any audience.

For a MC (master of ceremonies) bit between acts, you will be hard pressed to find something else that is as novel and entertaining as this.

This is the type thing that many people expect magicians to do. Good magicians should present novel effects; off the beaten path, even though not magic. This effect will impress people and make them think you are indeed a clever person.

Speaking of show warm-ups, this is perfect for it. When I have to use a warm-up; I often pull this from my repertoire and do it. During my summer festival seasons, I use this as a pre-show bit for those who come early to get a good seat. It is perfect for those situations and will often stop a passerby, who thinks the show had already begun.

Complete with illustrated directions showing every phase. This is something that once you learn it, you will always remember it. Not restricted to just using a whiteboard. You can do this anywhere at the spur of the moment using just a sheet of paper and a pen. You are ready to entertain at any time someone says show us something, when you have no props on you.

This comedy test can be printed on the back of your business card, demonstrated and left with the spectator. Any time in the future that he looks at your card, he will remember how clever you are.

This is something well worth adding to your repertoire. Suitable for stage, parlor or close up. Nothing complex to remember, learn it in a few minutes and remember it for life!

BONUS: Includes a novel observation involving a normal calendar that will surprise you and holds the potential for a great magic feat. This is little-known and it revealed here for the first time. This was a standard item with psychic, Jason Michaels. This is something that 99% of you will not know until you read this.

1st edition 2016, 12 pages.
word count: 2042 which is equivalent to 8 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Ronald M Levy
★★★★★   Date Added: Monday 09 May, 2016

This is a very clever performance piece that strongly attracts and holds the interest of spectators through the brilliant application of the experienced magician’s ability to direct and manipulate a spectator’s attention. Devin Knight shares with all of us this distillation of his performer’s experience. Although math facts, and also the calendar are utilized, this entertaining piece pivots on the magician’s knowledge of what people will typically notice, and what they usually don’t take notice of. The math facts and calendar facts are treated as everyday life without snobbery, and this is a handy performance piece that can occupy those moments in the performer’s act that do not need him to do an effect. Like tying your shoes, you will have numerous uses for this. Well written and illustrated, Devin Knight has given us a gem.