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The Bookworm Deck
by David Devlin


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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The Bookworm Deck by David Devlin

If you liked Bookworm: The Ultimate Impromptu Book Test Act, then you will love The Bookworm Deck. An entire "Word Test Act" combined into a single deck that you will always carry with you.

Not only can you now perform the "Bookworm Act" without having to borrow three books, you can perform the act in absolutely any venue, including walk-around, table hopping, and even stage situations. The entire act is kept in your pocket. The Bookworm Deck also makes the act much easier to perform.

Here is the act:

The performer borrows three business cards and a pen (obviously, he can use his own if the items cannot be borrowed). The performer writes something on one of the business cards, folds it, and sets it aside, but it is kept in full view. A deck of cards is brought out and is shown to consist of 50 different words. Three spectators each select a word.

The performer looks into the eyes of one of the spectators and begins to devine the word being thought of letter by letter. The performer writes something on another business card. He asks what word is being thought of. Perhaps it is "Calculator", The business card is turned around and written on it is the word, "Calculator".

The next spectator is asked not to think of the spelling of his word, but to think of its definition. After a moment or two, the performer writes on the next business card, and puts the pen down. The performer now gives a brief definition of a word, and asks the spectator if that is what he is thinking. The spectator confirms that the performer is correct. The spectator removes his word from his pocket and shows it around. The word is, for example, "Chance". The business card is revealed, and the performer has written the word "Chance" on it.

Now for the final word, which no one including the spectator knows. The performer reminds the spectators of the prediction that was made before the deck was even introduced. The spectator shows everyone that the word he selected was, let's say, "Ghost". The performer opens the prediction, but says that he did not write "Ghost". A brief pause, and the prediction is shown to be a quick drawing of a ghost saying, "Boo!"

  • Only one deck is used
  • All 50 words are different
  • No switches
  • Very easy to do
  • Very easy to make
  • Three very different methods combined into a single deck
  • The deck does most of the work
  • You will learn two versions of the deck. One with a regular back design, and one with a blank back. David prefers to use the blank back deck.

1st edition 2022, PDF 20 pages.
word count: 5441 which is equivalent to 21 standard pages of text