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The Coin and Card Magic of Bobby Bernard
by Val Andrews


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The Coin and Card Magic of Bobby Bernard by Val Andrews

Excerpt from the Foreword:

This is a book about the close-up magic of Bobby Bernard ... There have not been too many books in the past on close-up as opposed to those devoted purely to sleights. Hugard brought out a great little book on the subject in the Thirties, and two decades later Bert Allerton's book was splendid. But now we have another book, which we feel sure will become a classic of its kind. The book which you hold contains a wealth of moves, tricks and routines, from which any discerning reader could select a repertoire likely to gain him a reputation.

Of particular interest is section 3 with several short essays and opinions on a variety of subjects interesting to the conjurer.

  • Foreword
  • A Few Words on the English Language
  • Introducing...Bobby Bernard!
    • "Impetus" Coin Production
    • Face-to-Face Vanish
    • "Television Coin-Vanish" (or Change)
    • "Fingertip Folly"
    • The "Trouser-Vanish"
    • Coin in Tie "Vanish"
    • A Useful Switch
    • Bernard Switch
    • Versatile Coin Move
    • Indian Rope Trick
    • Bobby Bernard on "Sleeving"
    • The "Tourist" Coin
    • The Pawrus Coin
    • The "Heads or Tails" Coin-Vanish
    • Bar-Top Coin Change
    • The Hook Coin
    • "On Being Fawkes"
    • A Double Lift
    • Al Koran's Top-Change
    • The "Logicality" False Cut
    • Just a Thought on the "Charlie Chaplin Shuffle"
    • A "Sure-Fire" Turnover
    • Bobby Bernard's "Crimp" Sequence
    • Oriental Card Divination
    • The "Detective" Card Trick
    • The "Opportunist" Card in Pocket
    • "The Sands of the Pharaoh"
    • Bobby Bernard on Misdirection
    • Bobby Bernard on "The Actor in Magic"
    • Bobby Bernard on "Sleight-of-Hand"
    • Bobby Bernard on "The Classics of Close-Up"
    • Bobby Bernard on "Conventions"
    • Bobby Bernard on Television
    • Bobby Bernard on the Movies
    • Bobby Bernard on Close-Up Presentation
    • Summing Up
    • A Few Concluding Observations

1st edition 1982, 123 pages; PDF 83 pages.
word count: 20013 which is equivalent to 80 standard pages of text

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