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Bobby Bernard

Bobby Bernard

(London, England: 19th March 1931 - 10th November 2014)

Stage name of Bernard Samuel Lerner since 1946, aka "Bernard Vincent" for mental act (1948 only). Learned magic in 1936 visiting Davenport's, later lessons from Edward Victor and Graham Adams. Stage and film actor (since 1947) and teacher of stagecraft. Also pro performer and teacher of magi, specializing in close-up, mentalism, plus a costume act as "Isaac Fawkes". Magic collector. 1969 British Ring Conventioneers Trophy.

Invented Magic Mirror (1954) and Bernard Coin Box (1961).

Coauthors: Lewis Ganson

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Tricks, Memories and Advice

Bobby Bernard

Tricks, Memories and Advice by Bobby BernardTricks, memories, advice from this fast-talking genius of magic. The most perfect example of misdirection by John Ramsay is described in detail.

This was the very first Martin Breese Magicassette ever produced. It was among the best selling tapes Martin published over many years. And it is now available as immediate and convenient MP3 download.

Whether you are a relative beginner or consider yourself an experienced performer, Bobby Bernard's critical experience and teaching ability will offer you a great deal. For the absolute beginner in magic this is the perfect recording. It tells...

2010 / 10 / 5

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Dice Stacking Teach-In

Lewis Ganson & Bobby Bernard

Dice Stacking Teach-In by Lewis Ganson & Bobby BernardBobby Bernard teaches you how to stack dice featuring Bobby's presentation of School for Croupiers. This was part of the famous Ganson Teach-In series originally published by Supreme Magic Inc. Rights are now owned by Martin Breese whom we thank for the kind permission to reproduce this booklet.

If you prefer video instructions over photos and explanatory text we recommend Learn the Basics and for sophisticated tricks Mr. Dice Stacking and Friends.

[Get the full collection of all 17 Teach-Ins at a huge discount.

1st edition 1979; original 23 pages; PDF 27 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Contents
  2. Introduction
  3. The Materials Needed for Dice Stacking
2008 / 9 / 13

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