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The Collected Card Magic of Mark Leveridge Volume 2
by Mark Leveridge

#3 Coins, Chips & Buttons author
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The Collected Card Magic of Mark Leveridge Volume 2 by Mark Leveridge

The Collected Card Magic of Mark Leveridge - Volume 2 features material for close up, stand up and even children's shows. Here is a run down of the contents:

1-2-3 Jumbo Cards Across - great version of the classic trick for stand up adult shows or children's work. Easy to do.

The Blankety-Blank Pack - a striking blank deck routine that finishes with the entire deck printing backs and faces.

Diary Of A Nobody - a neat variation on the Danson Diary trick which only uses one diary and one deck plus has a twist at the end.

Corrector - a nice use of an old idea using a window envelope and a card which has several applications.

Seeing Is Believing - four blank faced cards instantly become printed with faces. Only four cards used, a great way to start a show.

The Free Selection Collectors - the full handling for Master Routine No.2 which is a multi-phase routine using a regular deck.

It Pays To Be A Lady - classic Mark Leveridge routine using three Jumbo cards and money that keeps appearing under the cards!

007 - a signed coin vanishes and penetrates through a deck in its box to land on top of a signed card in the pack's centre.

The Modest Card - interesting variation on Card Warp in which cards turn face up and face down inside a flat paper tunnel.

Transparent Switch - clever idea which enables you to switch cards inside a completely transparent plastic wallet.

All the effects are practical and rely on subtlety rather than difficult card moves. Variety and ingenuity are very much in evidence. If you love workable card magic, you're sure to enjoy this collection.

1st edition 2011, 78 pages.
word count: 23872 which is equivalent to 95 standard pages of text