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The Collected Card Magic of Mark Leveridge Volume 3
by Mark Leveridge

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The Collected Card Magic of Mark Leveridge Volume 3 by Mark Leveridge

The third volume of this quality card magic set features a further 12 of Mark's highly workable card routines. There is a lot of variety offered here, and the standard of the magic is high.

There is magic for close up shows, for mentalism, for parlour shows and also for commercial walkabout work. Here is a run down of the contents:

Aces Under Control - this is a perfect way to produce the four Aces in that it looks skillful yet is easy to do

Co-inci-mental - a you-do-as-I-do card matching effect that cuts out all the unnecessary packet exchanges plus adds a kicker finish

Countdown Prediction - a virtually self working prediction effect in which a spectator unerringly selects a card to match your prediction despite a hugely random looking selection process

Excalibur - still part of my current catalogue, this card stab can be done with almost any knife. The presentation is fun and the method is ingeniously simple

Spot The Difference - Master Routine No.7 is included in full here with all the great line illustrations by magical artist Jay Fortune. This is a stand up Find The Lady style routine that has built in logic and entertainment

The Department Store - this is a versatile 'story' trick which can be adapted to a number of different themes. It's a great dressing up of a sandwich type effect

Pre-View - baffling effect in which a freely selected card instantly vanishes from a deck only to be discovered as being the card ALREADY placed unseen into an envelope before the selection was made! Uses one of my Utility Switch Envelopes, full construction details for which are included

Signature Piece - if you want to perform a routine in which a card bearing your contact details is involved and which can be given away to the spectator at the finish, this easy to do trick is the one to try

Hide And Seek - a selected card gets 'stage fright' and keeps vanishing from the top of the deck and hiding itself in the deck's centre, before at the finish changing its back colour altogether! Regular cards only required, no re-set, a commercial up-in-the-hands routine for walkabout performance

No Palm Card To Pocket - if ever a trick title defined what happens in the trick itself, this is it! Easy to do, neat routining

The Right Wrong Prediction -a spectator genuinely freely selects a card from a Jumbo deck as a prediction. A second spectator then selects a regular sized card but unfortunately it does not match the prediction Jumbo. However, instantly the prediction card changes instead to match the selection

Unavoidable Destiny - Reloaded - a Brainwave Deck type effect but using just one regular deck. Any card is named and is found to be the only card with an odd coloured back in the pack

This really is an extremely strong line up of card magic, with ideas to suit most performing circumstances. As with the other ebooks in this series, here you will find only workable routines, not endless sleights and minor finesses. It's a book of practical ideas for those who simply like to perform good card magic.

1st edition 2013, 71 pages.
word count: 21559 which is equivalent to 86 standard pages of text