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The Coyote
by Whit Haydn & Dartagnan


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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The Coyote by Whit Haydn & Dartagnan

Whit "Pop" Haydn is a decorated performer at The Magic Castle in Hollywood. His "expatriate con man and medicine show huckster from the early 20th century" character, "Pop", is beloved throughout the world and all its venues, be it festivals, private events or in the past, the streets.

Though he's always been a character, Whit Haydn decided to become a new manifestation of himself named Pop. Listen as I interview Pop and dig into such topics as...

  • Is character important?
  • The "Pop Haydn" backstory.
  • What Billy McComb, one of Pop's mentors, said about character arc.
  • Why character can become more important as you age.
  • The booking where Pop tried out a new character.
  • What a character is and isn't and how magicians often get it wrong.
  • How Nicola Tesla works into Pop's story.
  • How you can extend the stage with your (and the audience's) imagination. (15:00)
  • The number one reason the Pop character was invented.
  • Why he doesn't step away from his character off-stage ... and what his wife thinks.
  • Can your character pass the "beer test."
  • How rough the character was at the beginning.
  • Why you're always two characters when you perform magic.
  • Some of his previous characters.
  • The most important thing to focus on as a performer.
  • A hilarious Farmer Jones story.
  • and so much more...

audio 1h 4min