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The Creation of Magic
by Peter Wilker

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The Creation of Magic by Peter Wilker

A practical guide to the invention of tricks plus newly created tricks.

"I must say that I was prepared to dislike this book ... Wilker's discussion, however, is so pleasant and unassuming that one can hardly disagree with him. In part, this is because Wilker seems to recognize the inherent problems in stating hard and fast rules about creativity and so limits his conclusions accordingly." - Stephen Hobbs

From the Preface:

This book reflects my own knowledge and thoughts on the subject of inventing tricks. Part 1 is devoted to this process and by reading its introduction you will, dear reader, soon be able to make up your mind if you want to continue. Even if you are not interested in creating your own magic, there might be something in Part 2 for you. In Part 1, I have done my best not just to theorize, but to illustrate every idea by means of examples. These are described in Part 2 and can be read quite independently from Part 1. Part 2 is just a collection of tricks, all of which have stood the test of many performances in front of lay audiences. (I never cared much about showing magic to other magicians.) If the reader finds it worthwhile to adopt a few of the magical feats of Part 2, I hope he or she will not regret having bought the book.

  • Preface
    • About the author
    • About the book
  • PART 1 A guide to the invention of tricks
    • Introduction
    • Chapter 1.1: Let us look at some examples
    • Chapter 1.2 What have we learned so far?
    • Chapter 1.3: Misdirection
    • Chapter 1.4: Why always cards?
    • Chapter 1.5: Any Questions?
    • Chapter 1.6: Suggestions
    • Chapter 1.7: A word on presentation
    • Chapter 1.8: More tricks and their history
    • Chapter 1.9: Final remarks
  • PART 2 Newly created magic
    • Introduction
    • Chapter 2.1: The consolation prize
    • Chapter 2.2: Dating
    • Chapter 2.3: Coloured thoughts
    • Chapter 2.4: Cards across in a flash
    • Chapter 2.5: The red spot
    • Chapter 2.6: Devil's End
    • Chapter 2.7: Holiday on magic
    • Chapter 2.8: A visit to the zoo
    • Chapter 2.9: A die too many
    • Chapter 2.10: Auscultation
    • Chapter 2.11: Psychodrama
    • Chapter 2.12. Wonderful Slates
1st edition 1991, 93 pages; 1st digital edition 2021, PDF 86 pages.
word count: 34231 which is equivalent to 136 standard pages of text