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The Dart Shoot

by Bob Cassidy

(2 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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The Dart Shoot by Bob Cassidy

A spectator loads a dart into a regulation pellet/dart pistol and fires it at a target ten feet away. The performer is blindfolded and stands in front of the target. He rolls up his right sleeve and puts his open right hand (palm toward the spectator) directly in front of his face.

On the count of three, the spectator fires the pistol at the performer's open (and clearly empty) hand. The performer's hand clenches shut and is slowly opened to reveal the dart. At no time does his hand move from its position in front of his body, nor is it approached by the other hand.

(If desired, the mentalist may hold an inflated balloon - in his left hand - about six inches in front of his open right palm. Obviously, the balloon bursts just before his right hand catches the dart.)

The effect works well if presented in a martial arts type vein and is positively realistic. The blindfold is completely legitimate. The method is, to the best of my knowledge, completely new, and the effect is 100% realistic.

Comes with a short video demonstrating a critical part in this effect.

1st edition 2006; 15 pages.

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