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The Destruction of Mephisto's Greatest Web
by James Henry Keate

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The Destruction of Mephisto's Greatest Web by James Henry Keate

All grafts laid bare being a complete exposure of all gambling, graft and confidence games with stories illustrating the methods employed by the different operators.

This is a wonderful book on all things cheating at gambling (sleight-of-hand and machinery), various confidence games and other scams and crooked methods with several revealing illustrations.

  • CHAPTER I Exposé of Gambling Devices
  • CHAPTER II Exposé of Gambling Devices (Continued)
    • The Mechanical Hold-out Poker Table
    • The Revolving Poker Table
    • The Sleeve Hold-out
    • The Bug Hold-out
    • The Vest Hold-out
    • Cold Decks
    • Strippers
    • Expert Shuffling and False Cutting
    • Luminous Cards
    • The Looking Glass
    • Marked Cards
    • Stamped Cards
    • Pricked Cards
    • Signing Up Hands
    • Bottom Dealing
    • Second Dealing
    • Pinochle
    • The Solo Game
    • Casino
    • Coon Can
    • Domino Whist
    • Keno and Low Ball
    • Chinese Lottery, Mexican Lottery, Louisiana Lottery and Policy Shops
    • Whip and Fish Games
  • CHAPTER III The Foot Race Confidence Game
    • The "Fleecing" of Mr. Joyce by the Mabrey Gang
  • CHAPTER IV The "Fleecing" of Mr. Joyce (Continued)
  • CHAPTER V Salary Loan Sharks
  • CHAPTER VI Fortune Tellers
  • CHAPTER VII Clairvoyants
  • CHAPTER VIII The Twenty Dollar Counterfeiting Confidence Game
  • CHAPTER IX The Twenty Dollar Counterfeiting Confidence Game (Continued)
  • CHAPTER X The Slot Machine
  • CHAPTER XI Stock Exchanges and Bucket Shops
  • CHAPTER XII The Pool Room Evil
  • CHAPTER XIII The "Tip" Confidence Game
  • CHAPTER XIV The "Tip" Confidence Game (Continued)
  • CHAPTER XV Sluff Game
  • CHAPTER XVI The Race Horse Turf Exchanges
  • CHAPTER XVII Race Horse Touts
  • CHAPTER XVIII The Wire Tapping Confidence Game
  • CHAPTER XIX The Matching Dollar Confidence Game
  • CHAPTER XX The Shell and Three Card Monte Games
  • CHAPTER XXI The Lock, Pocket Knife and Purse Confidence Games
  • CHAPTER XXII The Gold Brick Confidence Game

1st edition 1914, 313 pages; PDF 109 pages.
word count: 49323 which is equivalent to 197 standard pages of text